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Dissemination Seminar (1) - Special Educational Needs: “GPS to Friends”: Social Competence Training Project for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) (23 January 2018)

TheQuality Education Fund (QEF) conducts a variety of dissemination activities ona theme basis. QEF has invited Ho Yuk Ching Educational Psychology ServiceCentre, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals to share with us on 23 January 2018. Please note that the activity will beconducted in Cantonese.
GPSto Friends” is a two-year project which aims at enhancing the social competenceof mainstream secondary school students with ASD. Social competence traininggroups, social coach groups, parents group, and teacher workshops are includedin the project. After the 2-year implementation and outcome study of theproject, its resource packages were published and disseminated to all secondaryschools of Hong Kong in November 2016.
Interestedsecondary schools may visit this homepage ( or the EducationBureau Training Calendar System (TCS) (; Course ID: EI0020170218) for details. For enrolment, please submit your on-line application via the TCS or return the completed enrolment form (downloaded from this homepage) to theQEF Secretariat by fax at 2186 8183 onor before 16 January 2018.
Interestedparents may enroll through their schools. Schools should return the enrolment form (downloadedfrom this homepage) withcompleted parent information to the QEF Secretariat byfax at 2186 8183 on or before 16 January 2018.
Enrolmentis on afirst-come-first-served basis. The acceptance list will be uploaded in this homepage from 19 January 2018. TCS applicants will also be notified throughe-mail by the system. The QEF Secretariatwill NOT individually inform non-TCSapplicants of the enrolment results.


Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact Miss Yvonne TANG at2123 6039.

- Seminar (in Chinese only)
- Enrolment Form